Corporate Social Responsibility

V3S defines Corporate Social Responsibility as making socially responsible products by engaging in socially responsible employee and delivering best quality services at right times at best possible prices.


Responsibility Towards Society

We have responsibility towards society at a large. We discharge our responsibilities to communities through donations to NGOs, charitable trusts and representations on non-profit boards in our local community. We make every effort to leave behind much more than what we take from the society.


Responsibility Towards People

Employee are most valuable assets for our Company & we treat our employees like family and accommodate their commitments to their own families. To bring out the best in our employees, we support a friendly work environment, wherein they feel valued and appreciated. We offer regular feedback to facilitate our people’s growth and promotions are based on skill and merit alone. We always look out for their best interests. They are, after all, our greatest strength.


Responsibility Towards Our Customers

We take our responsibility towards our customers very seriously and ensure that we deliver only the best in terms of projects and services in record turnaround schedules. We are providing the best quality services at right times at best possible prices.



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